Ethnic Taxonomy -(Peoples of the world)

I. Europe:

1. Northern:

a. Great Britain-(England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as Gibraltar)

b. Ireland

c. Scandinavia-(Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, including Greenland)

d. Germany

e. Belgium 

f. The Netherlands/Holland

g. France-(NOT including Southern France, specifically Provence, The French Riviera & Corsica)

h. Northcentral Italy-(Milan and greater Lombardy region)

i. Switzerland 

j. Austria 

k. Luxembourg 

l. Lichtenstein 

2. Eastern Europe:

a. Poland

b. Belarus

c. Russia-(Western)

d. Hungary

e. Czech Republic

f. Slovakia 

g. The Ukraine

h. Slovakia 

I. Lithuania

j. Latvia

k. Estonia 

III. Southern Europe:

a. Portugal

b. Spain

c. Southern France-(Provence region, The French Riviera & Corsica)

d. Italy

e. Andorra 

f. Greece

g. Cyprus 

h. Northwest Turkey-(Istanbul, Turkish Thrace, greater Dardanelles region)

i. Bulgaria

j. Romania

k. Serbia

l. Croatia

m. Bosnia

n. Albania

o. Kosovo 

p. Macedonia/(FYROM)

q. Montenegro 

r. Slovenia 

s. Monaco

t. Malta 

IV. European ethno-racial Taxonomy by region:

1. Northern Europe:

a  Germanics 

b. Scandinavians 

c. Anglo-Saxons 

d. Celts

e. Finns

f. Lombards

g. Franks 

2. Eastern Europe:

a. Slavs-(North) 

b. Huns

3. Southern Europe:

a. Slavs-(South)

b. Dacians/Romanians-(including Vlachs of Northern and Central Greece)

c. Illyrians/Albanians 

d. Greeks-(including Greek Cypriots) 

e. Italians-(Not including Lombards from Northcentral Italy)

f. Southern French-(Provence and Riviera regions, as well as Corsica)

g. Iberians-(Spaniards and Portuguese)

h. Turks-(Northwest Turks  & Turkish Cypriots)

I.  Maltese 

V. North Africa/Near East:

a. Morocco

b. Algeria

c. Tunisia

d. Libya

e. Egypt 

VI. North African/Near Eastern ethno-racial groups:

a. Arabs-(All North African countries)

b. Berbers-(Morocco & Algeria)

c. Egyptian Coptic Christians

d. Nubians-(Southern Egypt)

e. North African Spaniards-(Ceuta & Melilla)

f.  Greeks of Alexandria, Egypt-(2300 year presence.  Once a sizable percentage of the city’s    population, though reduced to a tiny minority within the past 50 years)

VII. Middle East/West Asia:

a. Lebanon

b. Syria

c. Jordan

d. Israel

e. Palestine-(West Bank and Gaza regions)

f. Iraq

g. Saudi Arabia

h. Yemen

I. Turkey

j. Iran

k. Kurdistan region

l. Assyrian region  

m. Gulf states:

1. Kuwait

2. United Arab Emirates/(UAE)

3. Qatar

4. Bahrain 

5. Oman

VIII. Middle Eastern/West Asian ethno-racial groups:

a. Arabs

b. Iranians/Persians

c. Turks

d. Bedouins 

e. Jews:

1. Ashkenazi-(Eastern and Northern Europe)

2. Sephardic-(Spanish/Iberian, North African, Balkan and Middle Eastern)

3. Mizrahi-(Middle Eastern)

4. Roman-(Rome)

5. East African/Ethiopian 

f. Greeks of Turkey-(Pre-1920′s:  Black Sea region, Central Turkey/Cappadocia, Izmir/Smyrna, Istanbul/Constantinople, Lycian region/Aegean coast)

g. Armenians-(Iran, Eastern and Aegean Turkey, Israel)